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OTS3000-AWG Array Waveguide Grating System

Wavelength Range :1529.55 ~ 1560.60nm

Channel Spacing:100Ghz

Storage Temperature:-20 ~ +70℃

Relative Humidity:5% ~ 95%


Product Details

Array Waveguide Grating System

OTS3000-AWG is a kind of function card in optical communication integrated platform. Array Waveguide Grating system (abbr. AWG) can effectively save the optical fiber resource and networking cost. It is the solution of optical fiber resource shortage and multi-service transparent transmission for MAN convergence and access layer to enable the network to be constructed and operated in short time. Since its low cost, low power consumption and compact size features, AWG becomes an ideal transmission solution of low price and high performance choice.


· Modularized design, Compact size, Support hot Plug.
· Low insertion loss, Low PDL, High Channel Isolation.
· High stability, High reliability


· WDM System
· MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

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