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  • OTS 3000

    OTS 3000

    Optical Communication Integrated System

    Plug-in Cards | Flexible Networking | Custom Design

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  • TO56 TO46 CAN

    TO56 TO46 CAN

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    Variable Optical Attenuator

    Low Insertion Loss | Compact Size | Low PDL, WDL

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  • Free Space Isolator

    Free Space Isolator

    High Isolation | Polarization Dependent

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  • MCS 8x16

    MCS 8x16

    Multicast Switch

    Hitless Switching | Low insert loss | Low power dissipation

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  • MEMS 1xN Optical Switch

    MEMS 1xN Optical Switch

    MEMS Technology | Small Package | High Stability, High Reliability

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Laser Diode Chips

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D3102R Edge-Emitting DFB Laser Diode Chip


Optical Switches

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D2x2B Optical Switch


Switch Modules

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Multicast Switch MCS 8x16 Module


Integrated Equipment

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OTS3000 Cable Monitoring System

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Founded in 2001, Guilin GLsun Science and Tech Group Co.,LTD designs, develops, manufactures and markets DFB LD chips, TO-CAN, high speed and compact passive optical devices and modules, function modules, monitoring and system protection equipment.

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